Optivity Headset

The Open Source Cybernetic Headset

Science fiction writers inspire researchers, making them question what’s impossible and what is right around the corner. In the past decade neuro-science has changed cybernetics from fiction to reality. Optivity is the cheapest and easiest cybernetic device, changing how you interact with the world. With its sleek and elegant form factor this light weight headset is mobile and hands free. Play games, navigate the web, or measure your sleep cycles effortlessly. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore and make your own apps by using our open source libraries.


– Track horizontal and vertical eye movements
– Measure the alertness in the brain
– Identify blinking and chewing
– Simple to use, no background in programming or cybernetics needed
– Wireless with Bluetooth
– Easy to navigate apps
– Community supported webpage
– Reprogrammable with Arduino IDE
– Access to raw data
– Completely open source