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Arduino Shield

Pull yourself into a project

Are you interested in exploring cybernetics, or do you want to spice up an existing project? The Optivity shields are a set of Arduino shields that outputs raw biosignal data. All headset apps are compatible with the three channel shield, but some exclusive apps are made just for the shields. Imagine new projects by gathering biosignals from mind, heart, eyes or muscles. We can’t wait to see what you will discover.

Optivity Headset

The Open Source Cybernetic Headset

Science fiction writers inspire researchers, making them question what’s impossible and what is right around the corner. In the past decade neuro-science has changed cybernetics from fiction to reality. Optivity is the cheapest and easiest cybernetic device, changing how you interact with the world. With its sleek and elegant form factor this light weight headset is mobile and hands free. Play games, navigate the web, or measure your sleep cycles effortlessly. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore and make your own apps by using our open source libraries.

Optivity Bundles

Explore the cybernetic world

Do you know that you want to explore cybernetics, or help others explore with you? The optivity bundles are designed to spark creativity and motivate new projects. There are tutorials online designed to teach cybernetics, from how biosignals are generated to classifying them. The bundles are ideal for a classroom setting, even a novice programmer can create something that no one has ever done before.