Our vision

Optivity’s vision is to revolutionize human computer interaction by making cybernetic devices affordable, open source and user friendly. We believe the future of technological advancement is tied to the growth of the open source community. Currently the cybernetic devices are expensive, complicated and unusable to their full extent due to limited accessibility. We thrive to make our products cheaper, simpler, better and accessible to everyone.

Our Story

The Optivity team is a dedicated group of engineers from Rochester Institute of Technology who are passionate about cybernetics and robotics. The project was founded by Paul Blazscynski and co-founded by Mohammad Arefin with the same vision of bringing the experience of cybernetics to everyone. It has been over a year now since the first prototype of Optivity was done. The past year has been spent perfecting the product details and specifications. The Kickstarter campaign is expected to start by the end of June 2014 after the completion of product development.


Seattle, WA – 98122
email: info@optivity.net